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Hike Beech Mountain in April

2017 April Hiking on Beech Spring is right around the corner, and Beech Mountain Parks and Recreation will be offering our popular Wildflower hikes all through the month of April.

The hikes are on several of Beech Mountain’s finest trails and guided by a nature specialist. Take in the great sights and sounds of spring and see how beautiful Beech Mountain is!

These hikes are free and open to the public. Each hike will meet at Buckeye Recreation Center at 9am.

For more information, call 828-387-3003

Tips to have a comfortable Day At the Land of Oz

We’re excited about Autumn at Oz and the Festival coming up and want to give you a heads-up on the check-in process. Once you park your car you will make your way to the check-in tents. Look for the letter that corresponds with your last name and present your receipt at which point you will be presented with a color coded wristband. When you put on the wristband don’t put it on too tightly as they tend to shrink a bit.

If you realize, say, two hours into your trip that you have left your paperwork at home, do not panic. Just present your photo ID when you check in. Now, if you realize that you’ve left your ID at home too …that would be the time to panic.

Visitors may arrive at any time during the timed session shown on their ticket. While you don’t want to be late, you don’t have to arrive at the beginning of the time slot.

Example: For the time session from 10:00AM-12:00PM, you may arrive any time between 10:00AM and 12:00PM. This will be your loading time for your trip by bus to OZ. 

Can I arrive early before my loading session time? 

Yes, you can come early and check in to receive your wristband for loading. However, you must wait until your time slot to load the shuttle buses. Note: The transportation to Oz via shuttle is included in your ticket price.

Will food and bathrooms be available while I wait for transport to Oz? 

Yes. There will be bathrooms and food available at Brick Oven Pizzeria next to the parking meadow. There will also be port-a-pots available in the parking meadow too.

Can I bring my non-ambulatory family member? 

The Oz property has uneven paths, ramps, stairs and therefore is not wheelchair or stroller friendly. Late afternoon sessions work better for folks needing to take their time walking, and small “umbrella”-type strollers or backpacks work best for infants and toddlers. 

What will the weather be like? 

The weather on Beech Mountain can be cold and blustery. It is strongly advised to dress in layers, wear comfortable shoes, and to bring an umbrella – just in case. Oz has experienced snow, ice, rain, and wind as well as calm, warm sunny days for this event in the past. Be prepared for anything.

Can I dress as a character? 

Absolutely! We encourage that fans dress up. Be sure to dress in a way that allows you to stay warm if the weather turns cold.

How do I get in line for the tour through Dorothy’s house? 

When your shuttle drops you off at Oz, one person from your group needs to take a ticket from the dispenser at the Entrance. This ticket corresponds to the time your group will be allowed to enter Dorothy’s house. An electronic monitor will be placed near the food vendors and as well as in the Kansas yard. This ticket system will allow your group to shop, picnic, visit the museum, etc. until your ticket and appropriate time is called.

Can I buy food and Oz-themed memorabilia at Oz? 

Yes. Bring extra money as food treats and Oz-related treasures will be for sale. 

May I take photos? 

Yes. With so many people wanting to take photos, we ask that you please be respectful of others. Please stand back off the paths while taking photos with characters and of scenery to make room for others to pass.

May I bring my dog? 

No. Pets are not allowed at Oz.