Renée Castiglione

Renée Castiglione

Statement: It is time for a change of opinions and new ideas and solutions, which I feel I am capable of bringing to the Town Council.

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design, Florida State University, 1981

Spouse Name: Darron

Years Residing in District: 17

Graphic Designer, 1981 – 1986
Manager, Information Publishing, The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), Boca Raton, FL, where I managed 23 employees and a budget of over one million dollars, 1986 – 2001
Fred’s General Mercantile, part-time, 2001 – 2013
Holiday Beech Villas, Beech Mountain, part-time Property Manager, 2005 to present

Church Name and Positions Held: Jewish Community of the High Country, Boone NC

Civic Involvement:
Beech Mountain Volunteer Fire Department 2002 – 2007, Firefighter II and EMT Basic
Current Chairperson, Town of Beech Mountain Tree Board
Current alternate for the Town of Beech Mountain Board of Adjustment

Issues You are Most Concerned with on Beech Mountain:
I am concerned that Beech Mountain is losing its population by attrition, e.g., older folks not visiting any longer, and younger folks not moving here. The Town Council needs to partner with the private industry on Beech to make it more attractive for folks to move here, where they can raise their children in a wholesome environment, while maintaining the natural beauty of our mountain, including wildlife and flora.

An understanding and solution to the Town’s infrastructure problems, e.g., water/sewage and roads, should take a high priority. And, as I am not in favor of raising taxes, we must seek alternative solutions to rectify these issues.

I believe that our Public Safety sector deserves our support, as the jobs they do are extremely important to all who live and/or visit Beech Mountain.